Thursday, October 24, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} - iPhone Photos Will Have To Do

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I was so proud.  I had all kinds of pretty, happy, funny, real photos ready to go for you today.  "Real photos" from our real camera.  Not from my iPhone.  Because I told you that I'm trying to get over my love/hate relationship with technology and trying to learn how to use our camera.  And goshdarnit!  some of the pictures were even in focus!  Well technology is not helping me get over the hate part of our relationship today...oh no!  I've been thwarted!  

"You're not getting your pictures onto me today, Mwuahahaha [evil cackle]" - Mac

"Oh, your blog, you mean you want it to work? MwuahhahaahHA!" - Mac

And yes, our computer's name is Mac, because I'm SO creative.  And yes, I just named him that.  The Hubs installed some sort of operating system update.... or something computer related.... and we almost cried because we thought that we had lost all of our pictures since our last update (luckily we didn't).  I'm not blaming him, I'm blaming the technology gods....I have some choice words for the technology gods.  So!  It's iPhone photos for you today.


It's amazing what you can accomplish when you know you're having people over for the weekend.  Ah, pretty freshly swept and mopped release the one - year - old!  They were pretty while they lasted.  The sunlight speckled on the floor is pretty too. 

The Hubs brought Guido III home the other day.  I think he's pretty.

However, as of yesterday, he has been moved to higher ground.  The cruising one-year-old has discovered him and while his awe and fascination was originally cute...the smacking of Guido's bowl is not.  Guido is safely out of reach now.


My kid is about the happiest thing ever!  Even when technology is against me, he has smiles for me.  

Oh that hair.  He needs a haircut, but I just love it.  You'd be happy too if you had this cutie smiling up at you, no?  If you missed how much he's grown, here was the latest update.


Matthan has decided that some of the places in our home need reorganization.  He took to our bathroom cabinets earlier that day.  

See this bruise on his left (your right) cheek?  That was a crash into our bed frame.  That wasn't particularly funny.

But those bruises won't keep him down!

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  1. Phew. I was getting worried for Guido III. Glad he's been moved to higher ground!