Friday, October 4, 2013

7 Quick Takes (vol. 3): Wit, Cuss Words, and Pinterest

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While watching the Geico commercial where Maxwell the pig checks his Geico app after hail damage to his car and then rides off with Ted's ex-girlfriend on a jet-ski:

The Hubs:  "You know that wouldn't work on an iPad."

Me:  "What wouldn't work on the iPad?"

The Hubs:  "The pig's paws wouldn't work with the capacity of the touch screen on an iPad."

Me:  "Right, because that's the only thing wrong with this commercial."

This week, Matthan and I went to lunch with my friend Ashley!  We occasionally have a Waffle House date because The Hubs is not a fan of the 'ole WaHo.  So every now and then I get to indulge my craving for friend and food :)

Ashley and Matthan

Remember I told you about my "completed board" on Pinterest?  Here is an example of a project we did inspired by Pinterest, and my review.

Found on Pinterest, source here

We found the frame just as it is at a Habitat For Humanity ReStore in Chattanooga.  I had this project in mind when we bought the frame and I think it worked out perfectly.  It was easy, simple, and quick.  The frame hangs in our breakfast nook just behind Matthan's high chair.  I love the flexibility it offers in changing out pictures.

Our version

Does anyone else have this problem?

all. the. time.

I had an amusing conversation with my sister about curse/cuss words a while back.  It went something along the lines of how cuss words, when used on only the rare occasion, at a precise moment, with real conviction, are incredibly useful and cathartic, and cannot be substituted for while having the same effect.  There is something very satisfying about the succinctness and hard consonant sounds the words offer.  Other words just wouldn't offer the same satisfaction.

Example: Try with all your might and conviction to "curse" like you've stubbed your toe while exclaiming "FLOWERS"!!!

Go ahead... I'll wait.

See what I mean?

I had a boss that "cussed" using flower names.  If we heard "PETUNIA!" exclaimed, we knew to stay out of her way that day.  True story.

In a world where it seems like the next generation (I feel old) is losing the ability to have a conversation face-to-face and are becoming less and less actually connected because they're "connected" via technology... well it just makes me appreciate stuff like this.

I get to hang out with my sister this weekend!!!  

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  1. Oh that video was great! My husband used to love Waffle House, but I think...Thanks be to God...he outgrew it, lol!
    Big Family Small Farm—7QT’s

    1. LOL! My husband does not like Waffle House, and bless his heart, that was one of my major cravings while I was pregnant with my son. He's quite relieved that I have found someone else to share in my guilty pleasure. :)

  2. Fun video! Despite my husband loving breakfast foods, he hates restaurants like IHOP and Waffle House. I have no idea how his brain works.