Friday, September 13, 2013

A Year and A Little More

I have so many photos that I want to share with you but they don't always warrant their own post.  So here is a sampling along with tidbits about our Little Man.

Tipped upside down in stroller

*The Stats (from 9/5/2013 appointment): Weight - 21 lbs, 10 oz & Length 30in*

*He carries these little plastic balls around the house (unless he is carrying a piece of paper).  Therefore I always know where he is because of the click-clacking on the floors.*

*He loves to carry pieces of paper around.*

He carried that paint swatch around for most of the day.

*He can drink out of a straw cup.*

*He still loves water, whether it be the pool, the bathtub or the dirty water that drips on the dishwasher door (gross). *

*He loves his books.  He can spend about 30 minutes independently looking at his books.*

*He loves anything that makes a sound.  His favorite activity is dropping things on our hearth.*

*He loves swings.*

*He loves his Daddy, and shakes with excitement when he hears Tim coming through the door.  If he is crawling around he will crawl right over to him and yell "Daddy!!"*

*He is a good eater most of the time.  He eats almost anything.  Lately he has decided that he is anti-spoon.  He will feed himself or I can feed him with my hand.  The exception is of course, sweet potatoes, the still standing favorite food.  If you give him a bite of that first, he will sometimes take other food off the spoon.*

*He is pulling up, but hasn't figured out how to get back down.*

First day he pulled up ~ 9/4/2013

He plays "Where's Matthan" with the people in church (this is not something we encourage, but it's still funny).

He sleeps in funny positions.

Do you see the quasi-push-up position that he is in?

*He knows the sound of me opening the dishwasher.  He comes crawling INSTANTLY. every. time.  I let him close it when I'm done with it. *

*He gets himself into the funniest places.*

I lifted the door so he could more easily get the toy that was under there, but he pulled the door back down and crawled back under.

*He likes to share with me and "says thank you" when he gives something to me.  (The thank you is more a mimic of the tone I use when teaching him thank you, but it's starting to really sound like the actual words).*

*He says "Daddy" and "Mamma" and a lot of gibberish.*

*His second favorite food is watermelon, which he will not let you feed him.  He feeds this to himself.*

*When we pray before dinner, Tim and I sit on either side of him and put our hands out for him to grab.  He places one hand in Daddy's hand and then the other hand in Mommy's hand and then grins.  This is really something you have to see in person to really grasp the cuteness.*

*He is still wary of large groups of people and clings to us when we go to a large gathering.*

*He is starting to assert his will (and he doesn't like hats)*

No sombrero!

I wouldn't let him play with the toilet

*He will eat Puffs off of his tray, but anything else he will try to wipe onto the floor.*

*He loves to open and close cabinets and doors.  He always makes sure that things are closed in the kitchen.  I get shut in the fridge door a lot.*

*Ever since he got sick, he has turned more snuggly.  Sometimes I can get him to snuggle with me for 5-10 minutes after I get him out of the crib.*

*He still LOVES his blankies.*

He still loves his mama

*He, once in a blue moon, wakes up on the wrong side of the bed.  That's why we have naps.*

*He signs (a rough version of) "more"

*He is still my sweet, peaceful, smiley, child.  He is such a blessing to us.*

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