Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Musing's (vol.1): Frowning, Scrambled Eggs, and Iconography

Here's round one of Monday's Musings (you know, if I commit to doing this regularly) in 7 Quick Takes style.

I think Matthan learned to frown yesterday.  It didn't occur to me that frowning was something you learn (it makes sense, I just didn't think about it).  I don't think I've seen him do this before.  He looked like he was practicing it yesterday, and then he frowned at a few people at church.  His frown is adorable too.  I'll post a picture when I can capture one, but when I try to get him to do it he just smiles at me.  Such a conundrum ;)

A pressing question . . .

([The Back Story, you can skip if you wish]  I was telling my sister the other day that I saw an interview where Matthew Lewis (the actor who plays Neville in the Harry Potter movies) said that he was discussing making scrambled eggs in the microwave with Imelda Staunton (actress) while sitting in the make-up chairs.  She was completely repulsed by the idea.  And then Alan Rickman (another actor) came up and said that scrambled eggs in the microwave were quite nice.  At this point, my sister said "but they wouldn't be scrambled eggs if you made them in the microwave".  Which brings me to my pressing question . . . )

Are scrambled eggs, scrambled, because of the scrambling that you do in the bowl before dumping them in the pan, or because you scramble them around in the pan. . . or both?

I need to know.

We painted our room this weekend in case you missed it!  (Eckhem, because I just posted that post.)

I recently found out that our church bells are a recording.  Makes sense, there is no bell tower (duh! me), but I was still disappointed.

(Our church has only had the "bells" for maybe a year, so I haven't been confused about them for like years or anything.)

There are moments in motherhood where your instincts to intervene are overridden by "let's see how this pans out".  I watched in utter amusement as Matthan flattened himself down to get under the bars of our chairs to get a toy that was under there.  But then he got stuck.

What do I do now, Mom?

And couldn't figure out how to get back out.

I can't get back out.

I give up.

Oh, my child. :)

I want to study the art of iconography at some point.  Here is a video of a church being built and painted this year.  Click on their channel to watch updates of the icon painting.

What is the point of a to-go coffee cup that does not fit in the cup holder?!

Have a Happy Monday!

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