Friday, September 27, 2013

From The Past Friday ~ Dawgs After Dark

This post harkens back to the "good 'ole days" at the University of Georgia (UGA), specifically our freshman year.

Dawgs After Dark is a late night program offered at UGA once a month on Friday nights and is free to university students.  They offer various activities from Build-a-Bear and making snow cones to carnival rides and casino nights.  Did I mention that it was free?  

We had multiple activities offered to us, such as taking old time-y photos... 

...riding the mechanical bull...

... and getting creamed by your friends in "rock 'em sock 'em robot" style wrestling.  

Sammy and Tim

Me and Liz

Click on picture to enlarge

Smiling... before Liz kicked my butt.

Fun fact:  Both couples (Liz and Sammy,  Tim and me) are now married.  Dawgs After Dark, you sly matchmaker you.


  1. Where's Tim's head in the "Sammy crushing Tim" picture??

    1. Pretty sure it's somewhere under Sammy's feet. Poor Tim.