Saturday, September 14, 2013

Healthy Discontent is the Prelude to Progress

"Healthy discontent is the prelude to progress." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Well, I don't know if it is healthy, but I have definitely been feeling discontent with the state of our bedroom.  Part of my discontent was wanting to paint the right color the first time, because our ceilings are twelve feet (I think) in the highest places, and I think my husband would quit on me if I asked him to repaint the entire room because I picked the wrong color.  Hence the five paint samples painted on our wall.

Bottom middle color was the winner :)

It donned (sp?) on us that we have never lived in a place with color on the walls (since college, anyway.  Ironically, both of our rooms growing up were an intense teal, similar to the darker colors on the top row of the picture above.)  I didn't take any good before shots of our room, but since we lack creativity in furniture arrangement, you can see exactly what are room looked like here in an old apartment, and envision that arrangement in our room with the beige walls from when we moved in.  You'd get a really accurate picture because our room was full of junk until about Thursday when I realized painting was going to be extremely difficult if we didn't remove the junk.  

I loaded up the little guy and took him to The Home D-Pot (that's how you say it if you're cool ;) with me to buy our paint and other painting "necessities".  (Oh, c'mon, you know I had to slip at least one picture of Matthan in here).

"It's ok Mom, I'll drive"

A light switch plate may not be a painting necessity, but the bulldog one left by the previous owners wasn't jiving with our new zen bedroom plans.  But anyway, the painting began!!

Our bedroom seems to be the dumping ground for anything that doesn't have a place.  I'm determined to fix that, but I feel like I have a very long way to go.  Any suggestions??  Yes, I'm slowly getting rid of stuff.  After an average of a move a year since being married, we've purged a lot.  Guess I'll have to purge some more.  We also have a very small attic because of the tall ceilings in 2/3 of our house.  As I clean, junk just seems to move from one room to the next, depending on which room I'm cleaning that day.  

Before the big reveal!

But for now, it's clean!!! And painted!!  Progress has been made, people!!

Taken with panoramic setting on my iPhone.

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