Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Musings (vol. 3): Mustache Magnets and Questions From Teenagers

Happy Monday everybody!  Let's get to it!

Still loving his magnets!

~ 1 ~

If you're like me and you're just oh-so-very-tired of depressing news stories and it will drain your every last ounce of energy if you hear one more terrible bit of news today - read this - I promise it won't disappoint - 

~ 2 ~

Here are the random items that you can find in Target if you just look in the right aisle. 

Beard flask and book of "Beer Awesomeness"

Mustache Magnet Set

So wrong

Ok, ok, I didn't find this little boy in the random Target aisle, but I did buy the cake sprinkles at Target, does that count?  He played with them the rest of the day.

Happiness is a boy and his sprinkles

~ 3 ~

Speaking of sprinkles, I'm working on a project.  Remember when I told you about Jessa at ShalomSweetHome?    We have struck up a friendship via e-mail and the sprinkles are for the project I'm working on for her.  More on this later. :)

~ 4 ~

Reading children's books is a new adventure.  There are some children's books that drive me crazy, creep me out,  I fail to appreciate because (in my humble opinion) they lack...something.  If you want to understand what I'm talking about (because I'm lacking in eloquence today), check out the Library Project, especially this post regarding children's books.

Now, don't get up in arms, because Goodnight Moon does not fall on the list of books I was talking about above... however... 

... I would really like to know what the editor/publisher thought when they got to this page. 

Or maybe the book was on the way to be printed and they realized a page got left blank when they formatted the book and so they were like "hey, we need something for this page, preferably without a need for illustration because it needs to be printed now!" and this is the result?   

~ 5 ~

On a more serious note... The Hubs and I work with our church's youth group (who thought to give us that responsibility, right?), and I've challenged the kids in my small group to ask questions and take an interest in their faith.  And I was expecting questions like "Why did Jesus have to die for us?" or "Why bishops don't slap people?", but instead I get questions like this...

In case it is difficult to read, it says 

"What do you do when someone constantly trash talks your religion to your face?  In the beginning I got really upset and would argue but now its gotten to the point where I just sit there and let them talk.  Is there even anything I can say to them?" 

I'm still formulating an answer to the question, an answer that will avoid including "just poke them in the nose", but I'd love to hear some thoughts on this.  What would you tell this teenager?

~ 6 ~

When we went to our Core Team training day (core team = adult leaders for the youth group), we had to introduce ourselves by sharing an awkward quirk about ourselves.  This has been on my brain ever since.  And while I have so many to choose from, I thought I'd share one.  

When I'm singing from a hymnal, and the hymn is on the right page, once I get to the end of the verse at the bottom of the page, I turn the page... every time... after every verse.  I can't help myself.  

Now, think about all your awkward quirks this week, and please share some with me.

~ 7 ~

I've gotten some comments on my blog, but you don't see them.  Wanna know why?  Because they're all spam.  :(  :(  :(   Spam commenters stink!

~ 8 ~

Speaking of magnets (see picture above), M has already lost some.  I decided to see if any had slid under the fridge.  I used a flashlight and a yard stick.  

Warning!  If you choose to do this, please be prepared for the grossness that will emerge from under your fridge.  I spared you a visual.  Instead of grossness, how about some cuteness?

 I just can't plan cuteness like that y'all!

Have a Happy Monday!!


  1. Okay, 4) I always thought that page was added to continue the rhythm of the book, but now that I think of it, learning that there is "nobody" on that page is actually learning "something." Makes me think of negative space in photographs, moments of silence (rests) in music, and the like. Kids have to know what IS there and what ISN'T there as well. Maybe I'm getting too deep, but you DID ask.
    5) To answer your teen, one of the best things to say is to simply pray for that individual who is attacking them. The attacker is obviously looking to get them to react, so responding with love and peace may put out the fire. Also, reference verses about "praying for your enemies," and persecution and such. When others are being tortured and killed for their faith, ridicule, while disheartening and difficult, seems like an easier path. Still not easy, but the lesser of two evils. Find a way to say this all eloquently without invalidating what they are going through but also commending them for their strength. Like the answer to #4, sometimes it's what we don't say that speaks the loudest.

    1. Yay for a comment that isn't spam! At least I think ;)

  2. Well that was a really insightful comment to something I meant to be funny. I like it! :) I like my theory too though ;)