Friday, December 13, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Toddler Planking and Corndogs

Do you remember the planking craze that went on a little while back?  I propose we start a related, but cuter, craze.  I give you toddler planking!!

Slightly clearer picture

Slightly better planking position

Although, after thinking about it, someone might get confused and trying planking ON their toddler, and, well, that would be bad.  So, just to be clear, I'm saying we should promote toddlers in the act of planking, not planking on toddlers.  Got it?  Good.

It's beginning to look a lot like Advent around here.  It only took me 'til the middle of the second week of advent to put up our creche (i.e. nativity set).  I'm sure you all remember the pains I went through to find a set that fit all of my criteria, and with what sadness I was greeted when it finally arrived.  But we got things squared away and I just love it.

The wisemen were there just for the pic.  They're now sojourning around
our living room until the Feast of the Epiphany.

But unfortunately, I will be calling the company again.  Sigh.  It wasn't their fault this time.  See, I had a vision.  I put that navy blue poster board behind the creche, one day (probably next year) planning on painting stars on it, and cleverly elevated the angel on a vase covered by a navy blue t-shirt so it blends in.  Well... said poster board fell down yesterday and hit said angel, and said angel when flying, but not in a good way, and then pieces went flying... and well...

... [sigh].  

On another sad note, Guido III died this week after succumbing to a fungus he just couldn't beat.  (Guido III was a fish, by the way, for anyone new stopping by.)  RIP Guido.  Maybe Guido IV will show up under the Christmas tree... hopefully with a better immune system.

I know I already shared this on Monday along with this pic, so I'm a big cheater picture repeater, but I mean really, it's so cute, and no one has left any comments complaining of me repeating cute pictures yet so here...

The suitcase has provided hours.... HOURS.... of entertainment.  He found my flashlight in the suitcase as well.   He crawls up to me and hands me the flashlight so that I will turn it on for him.

And then he got stuck.  Yeah I know, I'm a terrible parent who took the picture first and then rescued him.  Shame on me.  The suitcase has been moved to the living room and continues to be a favorite.  I'm telling you.  Take back the toys you bought for your kids and give them a suitcase.  Call it the suitcase fort.  You can thank me later. 

Last week, my husband watched this video....

...then brought me these.  He knows the way to my heart.  :)

I have the perfect hairstyle for the winter.

It combines the natural resources of cold weather and the heat in your house.

We can call it "the static".  I'm sure celebrities will be wearing this style very soon.

And finally, a little parenting tip from my sister to you.  I'm sure the cold weather and holiday stress is tiring you out.  But it's hard to get a nap in with little ones around.  My sister says, initiate a game of hide and seek.  Find a good hiding spot, and you can get a good 10 minute nap in before the kids find you.  Sometimes she takes a pillow with her.  A few 10 minute naps here and there can do some good.  Maybe put a suitcase with a flashlight in their path and they'll get so distracted you may get a 30 minute nap in before anyone howls for a snack.  I would recommend moving all dangerous and valuable objects to higher ground before embarking on said Hide-and-Seek nap, I mean game!

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