Thursday, April 10, 2014

Happy Boy and Bunnies Who Eat My Garden - PHFR

We had a 100% chance of rain forecast on Tuesday and it didn't rain at all.  Since then the weather has been beautiful this week, and so I decided to mend my hermit-ish ways for the sake of Little Man and get him outside.  


First time playing with a bucket in the sand

The Hubs and I worked in the yard last weekend and brought Matthan out with us.  Our yard does not drain well leaving a large mud puddle in the middle of the grass.  I thought Matthan might be squeamish about it.  He was not.  He crawled and walked, and pushed his "bike"  (red and yellow car in pic below) through the mud with no problem whatsoever.

Yesterday, I gave him a little watering can and a bucket of water.  Hello cheap entertainment.  He stayed fixed to that spot watering himself until the bucket ran dry.  

How to grow an adorable child - just add water 


Happiness is mommy's lap and bowl full of grapes

Give my child a new book and he is happy.  He likes cars and dogs so what could be better than "Go Dogs Go".  I am was going to put it into his Easter basket, still probably will, but I couldn't resist giving it to him early.  I read it to him, and then he read it to himself for a while.

For the boy who loves books so much, I figured going to the library would be super fun.  It was.  But he had no interest in the books.  He climbed around this amphitheater and walked up and down the aisles for a good portion of an hour.  Fine by me.  I sat there and read my gardening book.


Speaking of gardening, we're attempting a vegetable garden again.  Bunnies are cute, I know.  But when I spotted them in my yard this week, I had several evil thoughts go through my head as to how to dispose of them.  Last year, they ate our garden... twice!  I've already put a lot of planning into this years garden, and me and Mr. Bunny are going to have to come to an agreement or I'm going to have to bop his Little Bunny Foo Foo-ness on the head.  I haven't ruled out some kind of fence but our garden is built into the hill and a fence would be a lot of work and money.  

On a sort of related note, as in vegetables... stick with me... The Hubs and I started a nutrition plan this week which includes no gluten, no dairy, no soy, no artificial sweeteners, no alcohol, and low added sugar.  We're trying to work out some health issues of mine, and see if they're food sensitive related.  Five days in and it's not horrible except right now I really really want a McDonald's fish sandwich and a donut.  The Hubs made me a nutrition plan approved chocolate treat so that I wouldn't feel so deprived.  That is love.  I know that there are a lot of food sensitive people out there so I might share some recipes.  Matthan approved of our quinoa spaghetti.  And once we figured out that he didn't like the "end" of the asparagus, he ate two large stocks.  


This is less "funny" and more "how to soothe an irritable child".  I think Little Man's teeth were bothering him the other day.  Whatever the reason, he woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  See Exhibit A.

However, I possess the great powers to make him smile.

But then he woke up from his nap inconsolable.  And I really needed to make dinner.  I gave him a dose of medicine and set him up in the kitchen with his Grandma-made fuzzy chair, fish "cwackuhs", and his "ying-ying" (blanket), so that he could watch me cook.  He stayed there until Daddy came home.

Hope all of you are well and blessed!  Now go check out Like Mother, Like Daughter to find other blog posts with the theme "Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real".  

round button chicken

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