Friday, April 4, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Picture Dumping and Exciting Lent Projects

Happy Friday everyone!  It's time for 7 Quick Takes!

I hope that your Lent is going well.  Have you seen my Lenten themed table?  It makes me happy.  It is the only clean room in the house at the moment, and it is a good reminder of the liturgical season.  I'm thinking about doing a post on the environment and our spiritual lives.

Speaking about posting...eckhmm...sorry for the lack thereof.  I haven't been feeling inspired lately.  Or if I do get inspired, the inspiration and memory of what I was going to post about gets pushed out of my brain by my child who has decided that ear piercing screams are the best way to communicate at the moment.  We're working on it.  The screaming.  And the posting.  Would you accept picture dumps without my prattling?  Would you tire of "look at my adorable child" picture only posts?

I'm not the only one that enjoys taking pictures of Matthan.  He has a fun time doing it too.  He loves to get his hands on my phone whenever I'm looking the other way.  He got ahold of it the other day and was on camera mode so I flipped the camera so he could see himself.  He took 71 pictures and videos.  This one was the only one where you can see more than his forehead.

Matthan selfie!

Matthan managed to mess with my settings which we discovered after we took this photo.

We finally managed to get a photo of me on my new bike (financed by some Christmas money,  Thanks Grandma!).  We've been going riding every chance the weather has given us.  Matthan loves it too.  He sits behind Tim, pats Tim on the back, and kicks Tim in the butt, and yells "Puppy!" at all the puppies we see at the park.

And in other super exciting news!  I cleaned our fridge!!!  And spared you the "before" picture.  I always loved how clean the fridge looked when we moved out of our various apartments, and always told myself that I should do it more regularly.  And now I remember why I don't do it more regularly.  It is really hard work to get everything out of the fridge and because I'm a little OCD and remove all of the shelves and drawers to scrub them down.  I also realized that I need to pay closer attention to expiration dates.  Building up immunity over at our house!

Matthan got a new car too!  He gets in it, shuts the door, and says "Bye bye" and repeats over and over and over.  He doesn't actually like to move in it yet.  He likes it to be wedged between the counter and the chair so that it doesn't roll as he crawls in and out.  Crazy child :)

And since my child seems to be going for a record of how long he can talk to himself before he takes a nap today, here is a picture of him napping.  So sweet.

Last weekend, the Hubs and I were busy working in the kitchen when I realized that we hadn't heard from Matthan in a while.  I looked into the living room and there he was, chilling on the floor with his tiny prayer book that he carries around.  A picture of contentment.

I think Matthan might be trying to grow up a little too fast.  He is already trying to fill Tim's shoes.

Have a happy Friday and a blessed weekend!

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