Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lent, Smiles, and Automobiles, Oh My! ~ PHFR


I've really come to love the seasons of the liturgical year.  It's nice to have a rhythm and a flow, especially when the state of Georgia can't decide what season she's going to stick with... in one day.  Winter, Spring, or Summer??? Take your pick and stick with it!  My wardrobe is confused.

I always start out with great ambitions for seasons and feasts.  If only you knew the grand plans I have in my head.  And then something much more simple comes to fruition.  But that's sort of Lent anyway.  I've really come to appreciate simple and minimal this past year.  I've been purging clutter where I can, and I've found that to have a spiritual effect.  The less cluttered my environment, the more at peace I've felt.  And while I'm working on letting Jesus clean out the spiritual clutter, I'm trying to create a simple Lenten environment in our home, otherwise known as I made a trip to Hobby Lobby.

Our table decorations consist of a burlap table runner (I think it's a reference to sack cloth in the Bible, it just left my brain), "crown of thorns" wreath, purple (the color of penance), and a candle (for the light of Christ).

Cleaned and simplified family alter...

And a reminder that "unless a grain of wheat should fall upon the ground and die, it remains but a single grain with no life".  A good reminder to die to ourselves this Lent so that Jesus can grow something better.

Peppers, Parsley, wildflowers, Sweetpeas, Morning Glories, and Columbines


A day of sunshine before the temperature dropped again...



I gave Matthan some seven grain cereal the other day but I added too much milk and made it kind of runny.  It got all over him and while I was running a bath for him he went wall cruising leaving booger-like tracks on the walls.  Gross.


The Hubs and I earned one more merit badge on our way to being real adults this week.  I've only ever had one car.  I'm really attached to my car...I'm not really sure why.  But we needed the space and the safety and the reliability.  'Ole Bessie had started making a bad sound and it was either invest more money than we wanted into her to keep her going or invest money than we wanted to in a new car.  So we put 'Ole Bessie out to pasture.  I really can't believe how sad this had made me.

But we got a sunroof (cute kid not included with car)...

sunroof and cute kid

New car "selfie"

And now I have to name a new-to-us car (suggestions welcome).  Which is a great thing!  

But you'll have to forgive me... I'm still in mourning.

RIP 'Ole Bessie.  You were a great car!

'Ole Bessie

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