Friday, March 14, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Ashes and Shaving

I really wish I had a picture of the face Matthan gave me after the priest put ashes on my head on Ash Wednesday.  It was a deep frown that looked like "Momma, why you got ashes on yo' head?!"  But instead I leave you with internet sensation Grumpy Cat...

The Hubs decided that he was tired of the mountain man look and the beard just had to go.  Our friends had told us about how their child was scared out of his wits and would not go to his daddy after his daddy had shaved.  So their recommendation was to have Matthan present when Tim shaved.

Last moments as a mountain man

No turning back now

The first thing The Hubs said after shaving was "My face is cold!  I haven't felt wind on my face for a long time!".

The Hubs - clean cut version

Matthan didn't really care (although this could have been because we took our friends' advice and had Matthan there while Daddy shaved).

However, some of the teens that The Hubs works with at church were not so nonchalant.  Apparently we didn't realize that some of the young men had emotional attachment to said beard, and they voiced their disappointment to The Hubs the first chance they got.

Keeping up a house is hard work.  There are many ways to cope with this.  My choice on most days is turning a blind eye to things that don't "have to" get done... a subjective thing.  However there are days when I do get a move-on and prove myself a worthy housekeeper.  And my little guy is such a huge help.

While I sort mail and pay the bills, he sorts trash for me that I've already thrown away...

He organizes the clean laundry onto the floor biggest shelf in the house...

And on days where I'm really working hard and we have guests coming over, this is his contribution...

I chaperoned one of our youth group's retreats this weekend.  I'm sore from playing hard, exhausted from lack of sleep, queasy from eating candy and other food I don't normally consume, and I have a bruise on my head.  Oh, the bruise?  Yeah, I dinked myself in the head with a frisbee.  (dinked: to make contact with the tip of a frisbee causing it to bang into one's own face causing shame and laughter from others; the sound a frisbee makes when hitting one's face)

While waiting for cars to filter out of the parking lot on Ash Wednesday we went to go visit the youth group kids.  They were playing with a spiky, bouncy, light-up ball and Matthan finally got ahold of it right as we were leaving.  The Hubs told him to say "bye ball" and Matthan did in such a sad voice causing all the teens to say "aaawww".  The next day at Target I found the ball in the dollar section.
This picture was taken in mid-flail of excitement.

Current favorite toy (other than the bouncy ball)...

favorite playmate

I started "Conversations with Matthan" to try to keep up with things that Matthan is saying.  He tends to get shy when he's around other people so others don't believe me when I say he talks a lot.  I worked with him on saying "Happy Birthday Grandma Mary" for my mother-in-law's (or "Maga Mary", what M's cousins call her) birthday last Friday, but Matthan was being a real stinker that day so I couldn't get a good recording.  So, a little late, but this one is for you "Maga Mary" :)

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