Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mostly From Last Week ~ PHFR

I know, the theme for my {Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} post is creative, no?


I'm pretty sure that all of you not living in the South are very tired of winter, so I only sort of apologetically say that the weather here the last few days has been beautiful, and I was sweating during my errands today in the 70-ish degree weather.  I didn't take a picture of said sunny weather so as not to rub it in.  


I was texting my sister-in-law about my pretty new bike (you know, the one that I purchased right before all the snow hit?) and she texted "so where's a picture?" and I realized that I had missed a few opportunities to get a picture of me on my new bike, so I ran out to the garage to snap a quick picture.  We went riding this past weekend and there was still piles of snow in the shady areas of the park.  Only in Georgia can you experience all four seasons in less than a week.

It was good to get out of the house and into the sunshine.  Little Man was pretty happy with his new ride... minus the helmet.  We've utilized the "throw-the-helmet-on-the-kid-and-ride-away-quickly-so-the-little-guy-doesn't-have-time-to-think-about-it" tactic.  Otherwise fighting and tears commence.

Bundled up and ready to ride!


The morning of Valentine's Day, I went into Matthan's room to get him and change his diaper and I found this...

Well played Hubby, well played :)

Valentine bear magnet from Grandma and Grandpa


The other day I started talking to Matthan during dinner and I got the idea to see how many words he could say.  Some I knew he could say, and some I tried for fun.  I've reached the point where I can't keep up with his exploding vocabulary, and I wanted to capture as much as I could now.  Even after I took this video, I remembered a few more words that he knew, and since I took the video, he has added several more words.  Hope you enjoy!

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