Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bulldawgs and Seahawks

This weekend, on a whim, Tim suggested heading to A-town, our old, college stomping grounds of Athens, GA.  Go Bulldawgs!  Saying no was not really an option since Athens is pretty much one of my favorite places to eat.  We headed to some stores that we don't have near us like the tool store that Tim likes and of course Trader Joe's (why oh why is there not one near us?  I miss you TJ's!), and Earthfare.  

Tim and "Tiny Tim"

Then, for lunch, we headed to Cali'n'titos, the Latin American restaurant with the best fish tacos ever, hands down.  The maduros were incredible as always too.  The picture below does not do the place justice.  The decor is eclectic to say the least and they're always playing great music that makes you want to salsa like you're not a white-kid.  

from Google Images

This came out a little creepy, but he had a great time.

After lunch, we headed to the UGA Catholic Center to visit one of our favorite priests.  Fr. Tom has kept up with us over the years.  I'm kicking myself now for not getting a picture of him and Little Man.

Fr. Tom's mother passed away a few years ago and there now stands a memorial garden to her on the property.  I thought the memorial was beautiful and thoughtful.

Then we headed to Memorial Park.  This park is special to us and we went there a lot in college.  It is where we took the picture that was the inspiration for the painting that I made for Tim as a gift.  Besides being free and having a cool lake and playground, it also has a free "zoo".  The zoo is a small collection of rehabilitated animals that cannot go back into the wild for various reasons.

The animals there include beavers, bobcats, deer, alligators, turtles, vultures, owls, and...


bald eagles

and bears.  Oh My!

For dinner we went to my very most favoritist restaurant of all time, Utage.  And I did not remember to take a picture because I was scarfing down my sushi.  Little Man slept through the entire dinner so we kind of had a date.  It was a really nice finish to a really fun day.

We finished off the weekend with homemade burgers and coleslaw and watched the Seahawks win the Superbowl!  Go Seahawks!

I'll end this with an unrelated (except for I recorded it this weekend) video of the cuteness we get to see and hear every day.

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