Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day #2 Brings Excitement!!

Not only did we get snow once, a couple of weeks ago, but we got snow twice!!  I'm so very sorry for all of the people who have had issues with the snow, losing electricity and have branches fall and what not (prayers continuing to come your way), but we have had a blast with the snow this year!  This morning I woke up to this...


I know you'll laugh at me, but the first thing I thought when we were looking at this property to buy it was "A lamp post!  Just like Narnia!".  

Now it really looks like Narnia! Except for, you know, the house behind it...


We have taken full advantage of the sledding because we don't get snow very often.  The driveway worked really well and sent us shooting out into the street.  I almost bounced up into our neighbor's yard.  We tried a few different streets and at one point The Hubs hooked up a rope and pulled us around the streets, but our driveway and the back yard worked the best, even though this video doesn't really show it that well.


On day 3 (today) of playing in the snow, Matthan seemed to just get the drill.  He sat there so patiently while I layered piece after piece of clothing on him and he didn't fuss when I put the scarf and mittens on him.

Giddy-up Daddy!

About two minutes after this video was taken, I took out the flower pots like bowling pins.  Unfortunately there is no video of that, but I assure you it was awesome.


I bought a bike (pictures to come soon) earlier this week, because what else do you do before impending snow and ice storms?  It's stuck at the shop at the moment.  We've been thinking about this purchase for a long time and some Christmas money made it finally possible.  

The Hubs was working on his bike while I was starting this post and he asked me what I was doing.  I told him I was typing my post for the Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real link up, and he said, 

"Are you the "pretty"?".

"No, but that's awfully sweet." - Me

"Matthan could be the happy, and me pulling my shoulder while building the snowman could be the "real"." - The Hubs

"That's a good idea."

The cause of the pulled shoulder

And in the middle of the above conversation, Matthan decided today was the day!  And Daddy got to be home for it!

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