Friday, March 21, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Dear Mr. Exercise Instructor


I started the True Beginner workout program on dailyburn(dot)com a few days ago.  I like it for several reasons, one being that they have "real" people in the videos.  By real,  I mean there is a 300 pound guy, a 200 pound woman, and a 55 year old woman doing the workout behind the instructor.  It gives you a "we're in this together" kind of feeling.  However, I've considered writing the instructor a letter.  It would read something like this:

Dear Mr. Exercise Instructor,
I'm thoroughly enjoying my prescribed workout program.  However, I think that the videos are a bit unrealistic, and I was wondering where I might purchase the real life workout videos.  You know, where the yoga mat is encircled with toys and books, and where there is a kid climbing on top of you every time you sit on your mat, and sticking his head between your legs when you stand, and throwing balls at you.  A video where the view from your yoga mat is not a finely toned hottie, but rather this - 

I also think that you're doing "child's pose" incorrectly.  The correct pose is as you show it, but with the addition of an actual child sitting on your head.  These additions to your videos would increase your audience, I believe, as this is how real people work out.  
The mom who will strive to accomplish her daily workout during nap time from now on

{2 and 3-7} 

If Matthan had a theme song for his life, "Happy" from Despicable Me 2 would be it.  

I now play it almost daily and dance around with him.  It beats a bad mood any day.  Hope your week was filled with happiness.

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