Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend 2014

The only thing on the required packing list

For two of the last three years we have hosted Easter in our home (and somehow I only have a post about the one from three years ago.  I'm going to have to go picture diving for last year's event...).  However this year, we set aside hosting duties to travel to Savannah to see one of our friends come into the Church at the Easter vigil.  It was really such a sacrifice on our part... to travel to beautiful Savannah and partake in the bountiful feast Easter party that our friend Thabo threw for her husband Chris (the newly confirmed).  We just suffered through.

The best shot we could get at the end of a very long day (before the Easter vigil).

In all seriousness...the rainy, dreary weather of Good Friday helped set the mood for our day of fasting and remembering that Christ had to die before he could resurrect.  And after more rain on Saturday, we were ready to celebrate our risen Lord.  Alleluia!

This smile didn't last for long friends.  

About half way through the readings Matthan decided he had had enough and melted down until he fell asleep on Tim's shoulder and slept the rest of the Mass.  We tried to get a family picture again following mass.

On Easter Sunday we hunted around the house for our Easter gifts.  The sunshine finally peaked through!  In the afternoon, we went to the Easter party and spent the rest of the day catching up with old friends.  

On Monday the weather was beautiful and we spent most of the day outside at the park. 

Great-Grandma Muriel and Matthan

Matthan walked and climbed most of the time.  And then he sat with me practicing drinking water from a cup.  What can I say, he's easily entertained.

Cousin Jo-Jo and Matthan

We watched "Uncle Tim" and Joey play football and fly a kite.


Aunt Penny and Joey

Grandma took time on her lunch break to come visit everyone.

Grandma Mary hugs

Matthan and Cousin Sophia (Fe-Fe)

And the girls skated on the sidewalk that runs along the edge of the park.

The skating girls - Ava (left) and Sophia (middle)

Part of Grandma Mary's Easter gift.

It was a wonderful Easter weekend.  He is risen!  Alleluia!

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