Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tips And Thoughts From A Beginning Gardener - PHFR

I meant to post these pictures a couple of weeks ago.  We've been putting a lot of work into our yard.  We haven't really touched much but the lawn since moving in almost two years ago, and we're pretty sure that the former owners did not do much either.  We've been fighting weeds that have quite elaborate root systems.  


I was speaking with a friend the other day and was explaining that I do not have a green thumb... more like... a gray thumb... I don't kill flowers right away... I just ease them into death... like a hospice worker for flowers.  Anyway, I decided that I needed to start gardening now so that in a few years I might know a thing or two about it.  I've already learned a few things.

For instance, no matter if you check three different sources for the last frost date, that does not guarantee that a frost won't come after the latest date killing all the flowers that you planted (and that you luckily took pictures of before the frost... sigh).

And... even if you have a tendency to neglect your plants and not water them, it doesn't mean that you won't pick a flower that likes dryer conditions and then you diligently overwater it in trying to correct your past mistakes... and ultimately kill said flower.


The secret to gardening is picking a home with established flowers in the garden and completely ignore them, because they will thrive... unlike anything that you've touched or planted or actually tried to cultivate.  

At least there is SOMETHING that I'm good at growing ;) ... 


Little Man loves to watch the birds and other animals in our yard.  Here he is watching the "sky birds". 


I've always wanted a water feature in my yard... I just didn't figure that it would come from the lack of drainage in my yard.  This project will either take a lot of time and work or will take a lot of money.  We're still working out what to do.

These spots developed after the unexpected frost, but I haven't quite deduced the cause of these spots.  Any of you gardeners have suggestions??

I'm sure my neighbors have gotten a kick out of my morning routine of chasing the bunnies out of our yard in my pajamas and rain boots.  The other day, Matthan took off after some birds, yelling "no!".  Eckhmm.  I don't know where he gets that from.

Despite my lack of gardening skills, my gnome still likes his home in our yard.

round button chicken

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  1. LOL..."hospice worker for flowers." I totally laughed. So wrong. :)