Friday, May 9, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Matthan Etc.

My Little Man is almost 21 months and he is growing up so fast.  He is quite proficient with my iPhone which I try to use sparingly - like waiting 30 minutes at a burger and shake place for the waitress to take our drink order.  However, I'm not always diligent about putting the phone out of reach and so I often find 100 pictures and one second videos that Matthan has succeeded in taking in a very short period of time.

Matthan "Selfie" 

I've caught him having conversations with Siri.  He has made a few phone calls recently and has sent a couple texts.  He can do this all without entering my passcode.  Anyone know if that is a setting that I can change??  He is quite a little parrot these days and repeats everything.  I really don't worry about him picking anything inappropriate up from those we hang around with the most, but today Siri translated some of Matthan's gibberish as "butt hole".  I think Siri and I are going to have to have a chat.  I'm now good at knowing the "playing on his own quiet" versus "found my phone quiet".

I know that we're well into the happy Easter season, but since I didn't post this earlier, I ask that you oblige me to bore you with some rambling about a Lenten activity.  I got inspired by a friend (Hi Megan!) who told me that she and her husband each choose one item from their house every day during Lent and donate it all on Holy Saturday.  I thought getting rid of forty things was going to be difficult.  But it wasn't.  I didn't even realize how small a pile forty things make, which makes me realize how much stuff I still have.  On a podcast I listened to, these guys do what they (half) jokingly call "the great purge" every Lent and rid themselves of "unnecessary" possessions (unnecessary being subjective of course).  I've been doing a lot of purging this year and I have to say, ridding myself of unnecessary items (those I deem neither beautiful nor functional) has brought me a lot of peace.  Try it.

So back to Little Man's cuteness.  I try to get him involved whenever possible.  He still helps me put laundry in and take laundry out of the dryer.  I can't wait to have him help me in the kitchen, but I still don't trust his balance on a chair.  So his current job is to spin the salad for me.  He can do this on the relatively clean floor.  He loves it.  The other day, The Hubs let him do it and Little Man took the lid off while it was still spinning and lettuce flew everywhere.

Before that incident, The Hubs hadn't know that that was Little Man's job and LM saw Daddy spinning the salad and got really upset.  I couldn't help but laugh.

I love his concentration face

We have lots of books.  Apparently lots of the same book.  They seem to multiply like rabbits.  Buh-dump-chsh.

I know I'm lame, but I've been waiting so long to pull a "Jake from State Farm" (from the commercial).  And finally... a friend lost her cell phone contacts ...

My little book worm's love for books has not waned.  He loves "Go Dog. Go!", "E-E-E" (Dr. Seuss's A B C's), "E-I-E-I-O" (Old McDonald Had a Farm book), and "Moon" (Goodnight Moon).  He recognizes pages too.  The other day he opened the Dr. Seuss book to the "H, I, J page" and said "J, J, J, jelly jar".  I was really surprised.

He also points out pictures of Jesus on books and other objects, like a crucifix.  Of course, a few weeks ago, he called a sphinx "Jesus", so we're still working on it.  He says most of the responses in mass such as "Thanks be to God" and gives a very emphatic "Amen!".  He loves the sign of peace and looks a little disheartened if everyone around him does not shake his hand.

He is walking and running around everywhere and is constantly on the move... unless he is snuggling with me.  He is a great eater.  His current favorites are "gapes" (grapes), "spare-gus" (asparagus), "stwawbewwees" (strawberries), "cOOk-KEY" (cookie), "fwies" (fries), and "sgetty-oh!!" (spaghetti).  And heaven forbid the child finds one of us drinking a kale smoothie without us sharing with him.

Chomping on asparagus

He is definitely showing his little will, and he still smiles as much as ever.  He gives hugs and kisses and even shares his fish "cwackuhs".  He LOVES to be outside running around and chasing "sky birds".  He still loves his "nying-nying" (blankey) and books (which he still occasionally calls "oonts").  It's neat to hear him say words correctly but I also miss his little baby words when he stops saying them.  

He runs to the car when I tell him "let's go get in your carseat".  He also runs into his room yelling "clean diaPUH, clean diaPUH" when I say "let's get you a clean diaper".   

The other day he was asking me to go outside ("outside! shoes! outside! (he knows he has to put his shoes on before going outside)), and I was trying to make his lunch.  So as an experiment, I asked him to bring me his shoes.  I thought at very best he'd bring me two different shoes, but he brought me a pair of shoes.  So then I thought I'd test my luck and asked him to get me his socks.  He went into his room, into the changing table, into the little basket, and brought me a pair of socks!  I was so surprised.  He got to eat his lunch outside :)

That's all folks!  Have a Happy Friday!

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