Thursday, May 8, 2014

Flowers, Furniture, and My Favorite Boy - PHFR


I have decided that my new favorite flower is the violet.  I have told you before that my gardening skills are lacking in areas... the watering, providing adequate sunlight, and keeping-plants-alive-in-general areas.  The Hubs bought me this violet during Advent.  ADVENT!  It had beautiful flowers on it then, and now it has beautiful flowers on it AGAIN!  Do you understand what this means? We've found a plant that has survived my "care" long enough to flower again.  

I took this picture last week, and the violet is currently sporting five blossoms this week.  I've thought about transplanting it to a bigger pot... but I'm letting it be... because we know how that would end.


Our white plastic porch furniture has been in our family for eight years.  It was given to The Hubs for free in college, and was the guys' back porch furniture for a couple years in college, and has tagged along with us to every city and apartment and now our house since we've been married.  It's been loved.  Many a conversation has been had... many a butt has fallen asleep during these conversations...because cheap is this set... but comfortable it is not.  I've also done my best to make it look nice for various gatherings.

Early Spring 2012 ~ The Hubs and Godfather Austin

I've been keeping my eye out for furniture online and in stores and everything was just too expensive or cheap and no better than what we had, but folks the other day I found a winner!  And it's comfortable!  Many the butts that are grateful.

Please excuse the cooler drying in the sun and the cloth diapers needing to be folded

Matthan loves it too because it is just the right size for him to climb up on by himself.

Not that he minded the other options.

Our camping couch


And you know what is also awesome about the new porch furniture.  It came in a HUGE box!  I can sit up in it and not touch the top.  It now has a permanent home in the corner of our living room and Matthan's train chair fits in it nicely.  Matthan likes to shut me in it and have me pop out at him.  I was kind of hoping that he'd shut me in and forget about me so that I could get a nap in there. 


I think Spring is officially over here.  The mornings are getting pretty hot now.  Matthan begs me to go outside every day.  I usually do some work in the yard while he is playing in his car or dumping water on himself.  I told you my issues of plants that grew on their own versus plants that I've touched.  Here is exhibit A.  Here is a picture of some squash plants (I think) that have randomly grown on their own in our garden (i.e. I did not plant them this year).  On the left is a healthy squash plant, left alone.  On the right are two squash plants that I transplanted to be there and they are shriveled and eaten.  Sigh.  I think I have some strawberries growing.  But it could just be a weed.

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  1. I love your new porch furniture! It's gorgeous! And having a giant box to play on is a fabulous bonus.