Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me

The tradition was started last year with my genius husband who thought it would be a great idea to send me on a shopping day with my sister followed by a date with him.  (I have yet to post these pictures).  So this year, the day started off with Matthan and Aunt Sarah snuggles, followed by a leisurely breakfast of cereal, and then off to shopping.  

We stopped for sushi for lunch... not a surprise for anyone that knows us.


Followed by some more shopping.

Trying on shoes that are way too big just for fun

And ended the night with Chinese food, "Frozen", and chocolate amaretto cake made by the Hubs.  Excuse the lack of picture taking, I was having too much fun shopping and eating.  And the lack of text in this post is due to a yummy food coma.  Great birthday!

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