Friday, May 9, 2014

Fun With Grandpa Jim

This weekend, my dad (Grandpa Jim) came up to visit us.  Matthan warmed up to him really quick and they were running around the yard together in no time.

A new view of the world from Grandpa Jim's tall shoulders

Because it was yucky outside, we headed to "the boy store" (Bass Pro Shops) to check out the fish tank and things that we didn't need to buy.

Not so sure about the large fish

Clinging to Grandpa

Still not sure about the fish that are the size of him

Then Grandpa Jim bought Matthan some clothes because Matthan's pants were starting to look like capris and his pajamas were starting to squeeze him like a sausage.  Thank you Grandpa Jim!

Check out my new shoes!

Brushing teeth in new pajamas

Matthan woke up every morning for the next week asking for "Gran-Pa Jeem".

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