Saturday, August 22, 2015

Matthan Turns 3!

Can you believe that this boy is three today?? Where has the time gone? 

I can't even begin to express the joy that our Little Man has brought us. I could gush and gush, but instead, I'll give you the highlights from today.

Matthan sat on the couch and waited for Daddy to bring out his present. When he saw it he made his surprised face and gasped "A bike? For me?" and put his hand over his mouth in disbelief.

Then the boys "rode" around the neighborhood for the next couple hours while Grandma, Grandpa, Mommy, and Lucy watched from the driveway. Periodically Matthan would yell: 

"Mommy do you see me?"
"Mommy I want big hugs!!" (Gets off bike, runs to hug me, continues bike ride, rinse and repeat x300)
"Mommy I want three big hugs!!"
"I'm riding!!!"

He talked the WHOLE time, non stop. Clearly there is a birthday word quota that I wasn't aware of, and he was trying to hit it before lunch. I think he was a little bit excited. ;)

Baby Lucy considerately napped so that Mommy could watch all the fun. 

Then Grandpa Jim got here with a train set, which they played with. During which, Matthan refused to take his helmet off. 

He only took it off when Grandma Mary and Grandpa Peter gave him his next present - a tent - and the helmet hindered "playing sleep" (my kind of game). Matthan requested Grandpa Jim to join him in the tent, to which Grandpa lovingly obliged by squeezing his over-six-feet frame into the tent.

For the last few months Matthan has been requesting chocolate cake for his birthday so Grandma made his wish come true. I added the detail on top to match his train set. He approved. 

He sang Happy Birthday to himself along with us and blew out his candles like a champ (I tried to teach him how to blow out candles in preparation for his second birthday and he burned his lip #parentingfail). 

He's been asking for help with eating his meals but he determined he was capable of eating his huge piece of cake all by himself.

The birthday boy is now taking a birthday nap in preparation of more birthday fun later today, which might include pool time or more bike riding (and nap time for Mommy and Baby Lucy. :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this special day for a special boy! So cute. :)