Friday, August 28, 2015

Postpartum Status Update

If you follow me on social media, you'll have to excuse the recycled taken on my iPhone, weren't that great to begin with pictures. But recycled pictures are better than no pictures, right? Sure. On to the quick takes.

~ 1 ~ 

My days have pretty much been filled with this: 

and this:

~ 2 ~

I attempted to go for a walk with the boys and Lucy, and I made it just around the corner before feeling lousy and had to return to my bed. Lucy thoroughly enjoyed her first outing in the Ergo carrier snuggled up to Daddy. Daddy didn't mind either :)


~ 3 ~

Things have been going pretty smoothly recovery-wise, but last night I lost a lot of blood and started feeling really lousy. After a somewhat frantic call to my midwives, I was told that I was too active too soon and I overdid it, and to go back to bed for several days. Which everyone knows is hard to do, especially with a three year old running around. Prayers appreciated.

~ 4 ~

So, even though my days weren't much more than adventures out to the living room, attempted walks, and laundry mountains, for now, my days are back to looking like this:

Which really isn't so bad.

~ 5 ~ 

Now that the grandparents are gone and birthday excitement is over, we think Matthan has taken more notice of my absence in his daily routine. His excitement over Lucy has waned a bit, and he has been acting out. Again, prayers appreciated as The Hubs returns to work next week.

~ 6 ~

We've had a few visitors this week (some who brought food, yum!!) including (almost) 4 month old Cousin Avonlea. Lucy doesn't look so sure about her cousin.

~ 7 ~

Lucy is sweet as can be. She has been really stuffed up since day 3 though, and we've tried a few things for that. She's a good eater, but the nasal congestion makes it complicated sometimes. She is a REALLY LOUD sleeper, and she currently sleeps in our room so we are getting use to her noises which often times sound like a congested puppy or an old man snoring and occasionally a seal pup (according to The Hubs). She loves the swaddle, but will sleep without it especially if she's on my chest. And she seems to sleep better with big brother acting crazy around her, which he does willingly without being asked. Her days are still spent mostly like this.

Happy Friday everyone! Now go see Kelly for more quick takes, and tips on traveling with kids.
~ 7.5 ~

Update: Since some of you have asked about The Hubs. He's good, slightly sleep deprived but thoroughly enjoying his time with the munchkins. I think he's going to have a hard time going back to work. Because he's not a sitter, he's a doer, he's tackled several house projects while wearing out the 3-yr-old with long bike rides and trips to the park. He's also keeping me sane and in good humor while I try not to go crazy at the thought of all of the laundry piling up. I'll leave you with this latest gem:

Me: (referring to the milk life commercials) " The commercials with milk spewing out of people are so weird."
The Hubs: "Hitting to close to home right now?" 
Me: ............maybe

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