Friday, June 6, 2014

Picture Dump of Randomness

Matthan has decided that hats are ok, no matter what kind of hat.

Mommy's gardening hat.


  This was a picture that I forgot in my Ode To A Fountain.  At Five Guys they have boxes of peanuts in the restaurant that are self serve.  Matthan ate his weight in peanuts and had little to do with his grilled cheese and "fwies".

Pooter and Daddy at Five Guys


I was making homemade bread with a curious observer who stuck his hands in flour and got it all over himself.


We had a successful DIY sushi night with Austin.  I think we all ended up in food coma that evening.

This plate doesn't account for the dumplings we had as appetizers and all of the sushi that didn't make it onto the plate.


More pictures of attempts to grow things.  This phlox (?) sprung up on its own.  Hence the reason it is growing successfully.

We planted some sad looking vegetable and herb plants in our garden that I got on sale at a nursery.  We're hoping to nurse them back to good health and growth.  Don't be fooled, that squash plant is healthy because we did not plant it.


I bought Matthan an apron with hopes that he'll help me in the kitchen.  His current jobs include spinning the lettuce, shutting the pantry door, and admiring himself in his apron.

A rare few moments where he will actually sit and watch something.

I asked him to make a sad face and this is what I got.  

Happy Friday!

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