Thursday, June 5, 2014

This Boy is Growing Up Too Fast


This boy is growing up too fast.  Oh that smile.  Heart. melted.

He has started singing songs and putting words into sentences.


He has become proficient in climbing up and down our stairs.

Although he enunciates words quite well, Daddy still loves that Little Man has started saying "nummy" instead of "yummy".

 "1...2...3...8...9...10...puppy! shirt! shoes! outside!" ~Matthan

"Nummy asp-ah-GUS, nummy tummy" ~Matthan

Each day begins with a request to go outside followed by a request for cereal.  

He has also been asking for snuggles when he wakes up.


 He's a little more serious but still belly laughs at Mommy.


This boy is growing up too fast.

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