Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Playing In The Rain

Little Man wakes up most mornings asking for cereal and "outside".  I was messing with something in the garage, about to take Matthan outside, when I heard a funny noise outside the garage door.  I opened up the garage door to see yet another summertime deluge.   I brought Matthan into the garage so that he could watch the rain, but he had other plans.

According to my son, when life gives you rain... you play in it of course.

Soaked and happy

Matthan LOVES when I react dramatically to something he does.  The more dramatic, the better.  I got a bucket out to fill it with rain water so that I could use it on my weeds garden, but Matthan decided it was for him.

Matthan dumped the water near me.  I squealed loudly and dramatically.  Commence Matthan giggles.  (I do what I can.)

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