Friday, June 27, 2014

Random and Not So Quick (7 QT's)

There really is no keeping up to date with this here bloggy blog because I plan and then the wee one doesn't nap and the big one comes home early from work, and let's be honest, I'd rather hang with the big one and the wee one instead of hang with the blog.  That's just how I roll.  So these pictures are from earlier this month.  (And let's remember that the artsy, fine-tuned pictures are from The Hubs on the "real" camera, and the slightly-out-of-focus-wonky pics are mine, 'kay?)  


If you are part of the 10 or so subscribers to my blog (i.e. my family or those of you on the e-mail list that can't figure out how to get yourselves off the e-mail list, muwahhahahaha), then you know that I've been trying my hand at gardening.  And you know how that's been going.  I've learned a lot.  I've killed many a plant.  But, I've learned a lot.  Mostly about myself.  

Somewhere in my genetic blueprint/temperament/personality/fibers of my being, is the innate hatred of long term projects.  Hated them in school.  They cause me great angst until said project is over.  I truly believed that completing my master's thesis was going to be the death of me.  You know what gardening is????  DO YOU???  A long term project with NO. END.  

Now, here you may laugh at my naivety.  I honestly (if not somewhat subconsciously) believed that once I weeded an area, it was then weeded until next year.  I mean, I had accepted that there would be some weeding to do every year, but I thought once an area had been stripped of these plants that I no longer desire to be there would cease to be there until next year.  I'll sit here why you have a "that's precious" and "bless her heart" moment.  

I told you about our squash plants that have been growing beautifully (because I did not plant them), and I had started to look up squash recipes.  Well... our squash plants...after some research...are ornamental gourds...i.e. inedible.  Sigh.  They came from some I bought in the fall as table decorations and then tossed into my compost pile when they ceased to be decorative.  And our pepper plants are doing...absolutely nothing.  And something ate my basil plant.  And my flower beds are covered in weeds, negating all previous work.

But Little Man likes to help me water the vegetable garden.  So... here's to long term projects.

~ 2 ~

Since the last "quick take" was little longer than quick.  Here's a picture...

~ 3 ~

... and a video.

~ 4 ~

There were several people in my life that I did not realize were actually not related to me until I was older.  I grew up with several "aunts and uncles".  I'm sure Matthan will be no less confused.  "Aunt" Chelsea came to visit and barely made it into the house before Matthan commandeered her for some "Go Dog.  Go."

We also got to hang out with Aunt Chelsea at Ikea (along with two other moms and their less-than-one-year olds).  I've been decluttering and moving towards the dark side a more minimalist lifestyle, however Ikea challenges my want of fewer things.  As well as my wanting-to-buy-my-child-all-the-awesome-things side.  So, I let Matthan play in the tunnel, instead of buying it.

But then caved and bought him cookware and utensils (real, but child sized.  Isn't that awesome?)

No worries, Puppy was the sous chef, not the menu

And settled on a wanted bud vase for our family altar, and a mail organizer (to help with the decluttering of course).

~ 5 ~

Matthan learned that the "music car" has ice-cream.  I sent a this pic in a text to The Hubs saying that the music car came by, and his response was,

"I'm going to pretend it was Matthan running out the door for the ice-cream and not you."


~ 6 ~

A picture of contentedness.  Daddy snuggles, books, and cereal.  What more could a kid need?

A giant box with drums in it to play with Daddy, of course.

~ 7 ~

We went to Hurricane Shoals Park.  We did not plan well.  We went at a bad time.  We didn't have lunch with us.  We walked around for about 25 minutes in the blazing heat.  And went home.

We will plan better next time.

And because this wasn't long enough, you get a bonus video!

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